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Our journey is a design thinking process, where we empathize with the needs of our stakeholders and ideate creative solutions.

Fostering a culture of constant repetition and improvement.

Heroes of Work is purpose driven. Our core values are Passion,  Innovation and Commitment

We are here to make positive impact 


We are excited about bringing dreams alive. 

We invite you to meet the world around you and shape your own role within.

We hope to help you find your course and purpose by being self-consious and curious.

Find out what you love

Find out what you are good at

Find out where to contribute best


We want to create new value for Heroes and Organisations.

For you, our customer, we want to design solutions that help you navigate and develop professionally without any obstacles.

You should be able to adapt and overcome the challenges of continuous change in the school of life.

We add social value in wellbeing, diversity and decent work

We add ecological value in sustainable employability 

We add economic value in labor and profit


It is our mission to simply give power to flourish.

Let's drive positive change and set examples with creativity and determination.

Therefore, HoW encourages continuous learning and improvement. 

A caring and hospitable environment

An effective service within our eco-system

Prioritise impact and be the leader of change

Havva Biçici - Design, UX, UI


The Heroes of Work team shapes its mission every day

Jouk Wilts - Learning and Development specialist


Data Manager

Arjan Post - Vision director



People Manager

Stevan Wilts - Product owner, AI specialist, technology director Co-founder


Want to apply?

Mail your personal Heroes of WOrk Profile to INFO@HEROESOFWORK.COM

Georgette Faverey - Chief marketing officer


Partner invite

We invite prospective partners to connect with us and explore the exciting possibilities of collaboratively shaping a future of innovation, impact, and shared success.