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Simply Unleash
the Power to Flourish

Every person develops with a unique strength which makes the world a bit better. A Hero is what you are. In your own place, in your own way and in your own time. That is a top performance.

We believe that everyone deserves a fair chance of getting the most out of themselves. Working, challenging yourself, developing and determining your own route create bloom.

In short, it is our vision to get the best out of yourself for an environment with a future.

On the platform the development of the Hero is central. Each Hero can get help from a Coach and develop further in this way. Because of this Heroes get a complete picture of themselves and the opportunities. Training is also offered on the platform, so that the Hero continues the journey to shape his or her route.

With our unique matching machine only the best matches are made between Heroes and Organisations.

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Whether you are a student, self-employed worker or that top talent coming to strengthen the Netherlands: you ask yourself these questions:

What do I want?

Where should I start?

How can I use my experience?

How can I make use of my diplomas?

How do I earn my own income?

How do I build up a high-quality network?

The one thing you do know for sure is that you want to continue to develop and that you do not want to give up your freedom. Download the free app now. Discover the opportunities of Heroes of Work. With one glance you will see in what ways you can develop further and how you can handle this. You don’t have to do it on your own, we will support and guide you.
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Zie jij dat mensen vaak geen idee hebben welke richting ze op willen en wat hun mogelijkheden zijn?

Zie jij dat mensen die zich al langer op de arbeidsmarkt bevinden, de vele mogelijkheden niet zien?

Kom jij regelmatig mensen tegen die niet hun volle potentie benutten omdat ze de weg daar naartoe niet weten te vinden?

Jij helpt mensen en kan je gesprekken of testuitslagen vertalen naar een waardevol online profiel. Zo help je mensen echt op weg.

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Are you also confronted with the following?

Sky-high matching costs

Spending a lot of time on writing job posting texts

Endlessly sifting through CVs and conducting job interviews

Een grote kans op een mismatch. Zonde van alle tijd, geld en energie! Onze app maakt een directe match als het totaalplaatje klopt. Dit totaalplaatje bestaat uit de gevraagde skills en kennis, gekoppeld aan ambities, karakter en waarden van de Hero. Een totaaloplossing die werkt zonder matchingskosten of commissies. Volledig inzicht via een webapplicatie op abonnementsbasis. Daarmee zijn we de goedkoopste en meest innovatieve partij op de arbeidsmarkt.

Vind ook Heroes die passen bij jouw bedrijf. Registreer je nu!

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Training is key to development!

Development is necessary to reach a next destination

Development is a process which lasts a lifetime

Development has become more and more customized

We have the tools needed to investigate which developments are taking place in the market and what the needs of the Heroes are. With Heroes of Work the link between your training programmes and working life becomes even stronger.

Curious about how we do this? We are happy to tell you more over a cup of coffee.
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