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Simply Unleash
the Power to Flourish

Every person develops with a unique strength which makes the world a bit better. A Hero is what you are. In your own place, in your own way and in your own time. That is a top performance.

We believe that everyone deserves a fair chance of getting the most out of themselves. Working, challenging yourself, developing and determining your own route create bloom.

Our mission is: "bring out the best in yourself for a future-fit world" And, of course, this is also our starting point for connecting people to work or education.

We see a growing awareness and shift from an ego-centric towards an eco-centric society. And with good reason.  Major issues, such as those related to climate change, migration and the labour market, cannot be solved as individuals. In this, we see the need and opportunity to reinvent the way we live and work together. As an individual, you are able to contribute with the best you have to offer— yourself. By helping you connect to work that suits you well. We aim to increase your self-worth and impact on your surroundings. We want to turn you into a true Hero in your own place. Therefore, we promise a match based on your personality and driving values within the Heroes of Work community.


Whether you're a student, a recent graduate, or someone with years of work experience, we kindly invite you to explore what truly suits you. These are questions we are here for to address:

Who am I and what drives me?

Where should I start my search?

What type of work suits me?

How do I choose the right education?

What kind of company resonates well with me?

Am I in the right Organisation?

Which role matches my personality?

How can I enhance my job satisfaction?

Heroes of Work connects you with organisations and roles based on your driving values and personality. This makes it easy to see what fits and why something might not be the best match for you. Increase your professional happiness and develop yourself in the desired direction. The best part is - it won't cost you a thing. Discover the possibilities of Heroes of Work quickly.
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Why HoW?

At Heroes of Work, you gain control of the choices you make professionally. While this may seem straightforward and obvious, it's far from it. When searching for a job or an education, being professional and impartial is crucial. This can be challenging when individuals or organizations limit your options or direct you in an unwanted direction. We aim to provide an experience that genuinely adds value to your journey. Therefore our offering is;


Free to use

A real personal match

Bringing increasing insights into suitable opportunities

Maintaining maximum privacy

And with success! Our goal is to start providing good insights to over 500,000 people by the end of this year.
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