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Bouw een goed beeld van jezelf en ontdek je mogelijkheden

Do you also think that it is time for a fair, clear and future-proof labour market? Download our new platform and become a hero!

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There really is another way

Heroes of Work sees every worker as a Hero. Everyone is unique. We believe that each Hero does their bit on the labour market

We combine forces

With the combined strength of these users, we have developed a navigation system. We make the right matches and connections and take care of data exchange between the users, so that new relationships easily develop. So no longer any mismatches! Matches en verbindingen maken en zorgen voor data-uitwisseling tussen de gebruikers ontstaan er gemakkelijk nieuwe relaties. Dus niet langer een mismatch meer!


You take centre stage! Do you ever ask yourself what can I do and what do I want? With us you get a complete picture of yourself, of who you are, what you can do, where you want to go and what you need to do to get there. And all of that on your terms!

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Do you as Coach also see that both starters and people who have been active on the labour market for longer have no view of what exactly they want and are capable of? And do you see that people who followed a programme with a Coach often fall back into their old habits after a few months? Do you want to contribute actively to the durable and interactive development of the Hero?

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Are you also fed up with old-fashioned, time-consuming recruitment campagnes which only result in mismatches or no matches at all? Our app only makes a match if the overall picture is right.Would you to know what this overall picture is and what the benefits are? Wil je weten wat dit totaalplaatje is en wat de voordelen zijn?

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Development is a process which lasts a lifetime. We believe in lifelong learning. With Heroes of Work it is possible for Heroes to purchase training directly from their training budget to broaden their skills in their current position or to get retrained.

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