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Heroes of Work

Unlock the secrets to professional happiness

Begin your journey and become a Hero!

Step 1 Values
Step 2 Personality
Step 3 Role

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You are unique and deserve to shine and be meaningful

There is a need to use your driving values and personality to find the place you fit perfectly. Let's gain the insight to choose freely.

Align your path on values and personality

At Heroes of work we are on a mission to help you discover your unique path to work happiness. We celebrate your individuality and connect it to your potential. Join us in creating a positive impact on your live's journey. Heroes of Work, simply the power to flourish


What kind of work suits me well? If you ever ask yourself this question, you are at the right place. That is exactly what we want to guide you in. Gain insights into your own unique possibilities. Whether it is about the Organisation that suits you or the work and education that aligns well with you.

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Having the right person in the right place in my Organisation. That is the continuing challenge in an ever-changing environment. We would like to contribute to this quest by providing assistance in a unique way. We offer insights into who someone is and their connection to your Organisation, as well as to the role they have.

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