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Published on: Startup stories by Arjan Post

From person to purpose

Having a sort of purpose in live will make you more efficient, aligned and successful. It will be easier to make choices and you will be more committed to those. As a result its more likely you reach your goals and feel happier at the same time. Finding your purpose itself might be a bit harder though. At least this is my personal experience.

Being educated as a chemist I have been thought that atoms are the building blocks for any molecule. Also, that 1 H and two O’s combined makes water. In terms of labor, we know we can differentiate various skills and combine them to form a certain role. In case of water, just knowing it is water, does not make it applicable in all situations as it transforms with conditions or being around other molecules. Not taking this “personality” into account might lead to some serious different outcomes, from live saving water to a deadly or even explosive mix.

Trying to find what suited me best, I have found no easy to use solution out there that helped me define myself, find personality and purpose -if you are lucky- and simply connect the dots to the things that really fit. I can recommend reading -het merk ik, by intermediair- to understand the synergy I’m talking about. Thanks Huub van Zwieten and Mark van der Grift for this great insights back in 2009.

I know, I’m talking about a common struggle with every choice -what options are available that suits me? I’m also aware that we must make more choices and have many more things to choose from nowadays. For sure, this will increase the complexity and problems even more. And it is not about one choice. It is about a series of choices that relate. Solutions, both manual -with all due respect for great efforts and results- or automated solutions based on skills or search words, simply are not good enough. Not to be a remedy for solving the size of the problem. Not to be a remedy for the personal hassle. We require a more efficient and far less costly solution. An eco-system that helps people as well as organizations to connect on purpose level easily. It is all about how to stop the hassle together. Why not?